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My name is Geri Flynn and for the last 23 years you might have seen me at the Art Fairs, Christmas Shows and Markets in the greater Seattle Washington area.

My husband and I retired 24 years ago. After a year of doing all the things I wanted to do and couldn’t because I worked, I participated in a little Christmas show and loved it! I started a whole new career doing something I have always loved. I have been sewing since I was 9 and through school and work always made my own clothes and also my children’s.

I love the juried Art and Craft shows as the quality and originality is wonderful. I am blessed to have wonderful, loyal customers that continue to do repeat business with me every year. My mail order business continues to grow each year and with the web it has increased across the United States.

In 1992 a friend gave me a hand drawn picture of a purse that was popular in the 1940-60-80’s and I started making them. For some of my customers it was too small so I enlarged it to the Weekender Size.

With a little more thought I made them reversible and washable. My husband stepped in with his good woodworking skills and made the handles for me. I have also brought some of our daughters, grandchildren and a lovely neighbor in to help with the non-sewing part of my business.

I still operate out of my home, although a few years ago I had to increase my 'little factory' to the basement as I outgrew my sewing room. I made myself a little tote bag with pockets for all of my sewing needs and then started to make them in beautiful pansy fabrics and selling them for travel…all of a sudden a new line opened for me.

My travel line now has 56 pieces that can be matched and every year the line keeps growing. I listen to my customers and am always open to new suggestions. I use the highest quality fabrics and linings. The majority of my products are washable. I try to keep the items simple, light and functional. I believe you can have beauty and function too.

My background of 40 years in the accounting field for successful family owned businesses taught me that quality, service and listening to the customer is a number one priority.

My customers are my best source of advertisement. I am glad you have taken the time to look at my website and hope to add you to my list of customers and friends. Sincerely yours Geri Flynn jeri-ohs.