Double Eyeglass Holders

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The double eyeglass holders offer a blend of convenience, style, and practicality. Their easy-access design, coupled with the variety of available fabrics and colors, makes them an ideal choice for anyone in need of a functional and fashionable eyewear accessory. Whether for daily use or as a stylish gift, these holders cater to all eyewear storage needs.

Double Eyeglass Holders: Convenient and Stylish Accessory


Explore the practicality and style of the double eyeglass holders, designed to offer easy access with an open-top feature. These holders are a versatile accessory, suitable for both men and women who seek functionality in their eyewear storage.

Customizable Design

  • Fabric Choices: Available in a variety of fabric options and solid colors, these eyeglass holders can be personalized to match your style preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant patterns or understated solids, there’s an option to suit your taste.

Practical Features

  • Open Top for Easy Access: The open-top design ensures that your glasses are always within easy reach. This feature is especially beneficial for those who frequently use their eyewear and need quick and hassle-free access.
  • Double Holder Capacity: The holders are designed to accommodate two pairs of glasses, making them ideal for those who switch between different eyewear such as prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Unisex Appeal

  • Suitable for Everyone: With a design that caters to both men and women, these eyeglass holders are a universally appealing accessory, perfect for anyone looking to keep their glasses safe and accessible.


  • Washable: The holders are washable, ensuring they can be easily cleaned and maintained, keeping them looking fresh and new over time.

1 review for Double Eyeglass Holders

  1. Candy Arel

    The first item I bought from Jeri-oh’s to take on a trip to Mexico. Reading glasses went on one side and my Maui Jim sunglasses on the other. It fit perfectly in my small cross body purse and was so very useful and handy, I bought another one when I returned home for my next trip. They make great gifts and thanks to me, now all the ladies in my family own one. They are a “must-have” for traveling.

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