Insulated Water Bottle Holders


This insulated water bottle holder is a must-have for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and needs a practical solution to stay hydrated.

With its easy belt clip-on feature, optional adjustable strap, and insulation to keep your water cold, it combines functionality with convenience in a compact and easy-to-maintain design.

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Insulated Water Bottle Holder with Clip and Strap Options


Discover the convenience of this insulated water bottle holder, designed to easily clip onto your belt. It’s the perfect accessory for keeping your water cold on hot days, whether you’re out hiking, walking, or engaging in any outdoor activity.

Design and Functionality
  • Belt Clip Feature: The holder can be securely attached to your belt, offering easy access to your water bottle without the need for carrying it in your hands.
  • Insulated Material: The insulation keeps your water cold, providing refreshment and hydration even on the warmest days.
Versatile Carrying Options
  • Side Rings for Strap: Rings on the side of the holder allow for the attachment of a 60-inch adjustable strap, offering the flexibility to wear the holder across your body or over your shoulder.
  • Strap Availability: The adjustable strap is available for an additional $5.00, enhancing the holder’s versatility. You can add the 0-1020 adjustable strap to your order for this extra convenience.
Practical and Convenient
  • Washable: The holder is washable, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic for continuous use.
  • Easy Add-On: A simple click to add the 0-1020 adjustable strap to your order makes it convenient to choose this additional feature.


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