4 Pocket Little Purse


Meet the 4 Pocket ‘Little’ Purse, your ideal choice for light travel or minimalistic outings. Featuring a split pocket for credit cards and cash, and a large back pocket for your cell phone or glasses, this purse is designed for convenience and ease.

Made with cotton and a white nylon coated interior for better visibility, it comes with a 60′ adjustable strap for comfortable wear. Plus, it’s washable, ensuring long-lasting freshness and durability for everyday use

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Product Introduction: Introducing the 4 Pocket ‘Little’ Purse, the perfect companion for those occasions when you need just the essentials without the bulk of a larger bag.

Compact Design with Ample Storage: This purse is thoughtfully designed with four pockets to efficiently organize your items. It’s compact yet spacious enough to carry what you need for quick trips or minimalistic outings.

Specialized Pockets for Convenience: The purse features a split pocket on the outside, ideal for segregating credit cards on one side and cash or medicine on the other. Additionally, there’s a large back pocket specifically for easy access to your cell phone or glasses.

Materials and Visibility: Crafted with cotton on the outside and lined with white nylon coated fabric on the inside, this purse is not only durable but also makes it easier to see your items inside, thanks to the light-colored lining.

Adjustable Strap for Comfort: It comes equipped with a 60′ adjustable strap, providing comfort and flexibility to suit your carrying style. Whether worn cross-body or over the shoulder, it offers convenience and ease of use.

Maintenance and Care: The purse is designed to be washable, ensuring it stays fresh and clean with regular use, making it a practical choice for everyday activities.


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